Octo Design

Topdrawer Hybrid Luminaires


Thorn ‘FIN’ is a concept luminaire that combines the latest developments in solid state lighting technologies (OLED and LED) with emerging technologies such as ultra-compact power electronics and broadband data transmission via light, to offer an exciting insight into the future of commercial lighting circa 2020.

Launched at a major exhibition at Thorn’s Academy of Light in April 2013, Fin has generated considerable interest and publicity in the lighting and plastic electronics industry.

“Engaging with Octo contributed insight, direction and a clear end-user/market perspective to a project which had originally been focussed on technical research outputs. The creation of a highly credible concept product allowed us to clearly communicate the potential of this exciting new technology. Octo originated concepts, built working prototypes and sophisticated presentation media, and even designed our final exhibition stand.” Geoff Williams, TOPDRAWER Consortium.

Intelligent and effective product design